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Little Lies and Kittens

  Read: Romans 5:12–21 Mom noticed four-year-old Elias as he scurried away from the newborn kittens. She had told him not to touch them. “Did you touch the kitties, Elias?” she asked. “No!” he said earnestly. So Mom had another question: “Were they soft?” “Yes,” he volunteered, “and the black one mewed.” With a toddler,…

I See You

  Read: Genesis 16:1–13 | Bible in a Year: Exodus 31–33; Matthew 22:1–22  “I see you,” a friend said in an online writers’ group where we support and encourage each other. Having felt stressed and anxious, I experienced a sense of peace and well-being with her words. She “saw” me—my hopes, fears, struggles, and dreams—and…