Rev. Jimmie Hubbard ph.D.

Rev. Dr. Jimmie Hubbard
Rev. Dr. Jimmie Hubbard
Upon accepting his call to the ministry in 1972, Dr. Hubbard began studying at the Southern California Bible College and Seminary. He received his Bachelor of Arts and his Bachelor of Theology Degrees on May 17, 1979. He then went on to acquire his Master of Arts in Religion on May 2, 1994, and his Doctor of Philosophy in Religion on May 1, 1995. In his Doctoral Thesis he quoted the Gospel of Mark 16:15, “…it is calling of the church to go into all the world and present the gospel to every creature.” He further stated that, “If the world is to be saved for Christ, then the Christian must go into the darkest, most frightening communities to spread the good news. “ Dr. Hubbard currently (and has for many years) serves as Chairman of the Board at the Southern California Bible College and Seminary.

In October 1982, Dr. Hubbard, along with his wife, accepted the position of Pastor of the First Baptist Church (later renamed Inner City Baptist Church) in downtown San Diego, California. Instrumental for many years in bringing the homeless and destitute if the inner city area to Christ, Dr. Hubbard envisioned his ministry to be a mainstay in downtown San Diego. Little did he know that zoning ordinances were being changed and being put into place in the downtown area. The final outcome was that his vision was realized, and the Inner City Baptist Church became the only church that would be allowed in San Diego’s downtown area, Dr. Hubbard determined to move the location of the church again, and is now known as the East Village Community Church, serving the East Village and surrounding areas.

Dr. Hubbard’s legacy and contributions to the City of San Diego are well known. He is a working, dedicated man of God, and he continues to do the work to which God has called him. East Village Community Church opened the doors of their new location December 20, 2009.

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